Sunday, August 5, 2012

Miniature Menu/Card Holders

I finally found some time to make these super cute, functional and much needed Menu/Card Holders to display along with my pastries.  They just add so much more realism to the displays, I absolutely just adore them.  
They are teeny tiny and the perfect size for 1/12th Scale Miniatures.  They are very sturdy made of silvertone metal and can even be painted in shabby white, pink and blue colors... which is right up my alley, but for this shop the silver is much more elegant.
They will also look wonderful in shop displays along with mini products too, not just pastries.
These were really fun for me to make, even creating the little cards was fun too, so teeny tiny, but very legible to the naked eyes.  Ok, I'll stop now...I'm just so excited to finally have made these :o)
Happy Sunday Everyone!


  1. Hello
    Menu / Card holders are so beautiful. it looks so great with all the same signs. They complete the whole shop.

    Wyrna from A Fairytale come true

  2. Las tarjetas me encantan, hacen que se vea una tienda con mucho estilo.
    besitos ascension

  3. What a good idea and so beautifully done! Love your blog♥