Thursday, August 2, 2012

Making some New Minis

Hello Everyone, I've been super busy this Summer with the Kids and filling orders on Etsy.  
But I did find some time to make some new minis here and there... and so I decided to make a little shop out of this empty decorated storefront that I had sitting around for so long just waiting to be filled.
I couldn't decide between a  Patisserie or Shop for pretty shabby kitchenware... I tried each one and it just didn't look interesting enough for me... so why not incorporate both!  
I have seen many shops here in New York that do both.. for example there is ABC Carpet and Home... I so love that place, and I just love the mix of it all. 
This little shop will sit happily on my desk for now (or at least until my 10 month old starts to
so that I can enjoy all the things I love about making minis.
I hope you are all having a wonderful Summer and are also able to find some time for minis too :o)


  1. How FANTASTIC! I so enjoy perusing your blog..such inspiration, such joy! All your fun colors make me swoon. What a pleasure!
    You are one talented lady, that's forsure. I love to study all the smallest deatails you create....can't get enough.
    thanks for sharing.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Ps... Where did you get the pink and white stripe wallpaper? I need it.

  2. Hi Sandy, oh you are so sweet! Thank you so much for your comments, it made me smile from ear to ear :D As for the Wallpaper, I have been miniaturizing and printing my own paper. This pink stripe is a bit darker than the one I found at the craft store... but you should be able to find a pink/white stripe at your local craft store or paper shop. I have been printing some up for customers too if you ever want some, just let me know. Roxanne

  3. Fantastica!!!
    Maravillosamente real!!
    besitos ascension

  4. Absolutely amazing!! What a delight to peruse. Like Sandy said, the colors are so eye pleasing. The pictures look like the real thing, even better. All the detail is so impressive! How do you do it?? Do you make the store, furniture and display cases as well? And the 3 tiered Eiffel Tower stand!! I practically squeeled when I spotted that!! I spotted them before you even showed the close up picture. I collect Eiffel Towers so I have an eagle eye for that sort of thing. :) Thanks for sharing. You are so incredibly talented.
    Best regards, Joan

  5. Hi Joan, thank you so much :D
    Yes, I pretty much make just about everything you see in the shop.
    The 3 Tier Wooden Table, the Pasty Display Cases, the Eiffel Tower Pastry Display Stands are all made by me too. I did make an extra one if you would like one for yourself, just pop on over to my etsy shop, you can get there from the link on this blog located on the top right hand side.
    Thank you so much for stopping by :o)

  6. Between the cakes and the color palette, I'm reminded of Sofia Coppola's "Marie Antoinette." Cute, cute, cute!

  7. I must say, this is amazin. The colours are delightful, everything is on the right place. Everything seems just right. I love how you made perfect eveery, even the smallest detail. It is really impressive.

    1. Thank you so much, you are very sweet :D
      I so happy you LoVe it... It is truly the shop of my dreams and I had so much fun making everything. Roxanne