Monday, December 10, 2012

Wishing you a SWEET Christmas!

I promised myself that I wouldn't go all christmas-y, but then I found these amazingly Lush Flocked Spruce Trees and just couldn't resist!  I made one for myself... and it just makes me sooo happy :o)

I made one in a 9" inch size and a smaller one in a 6" inch size, decorated with smaller sweets to suit its' size.

You know... I'm always late to decorate at x-mas time... I also buy last minute Christmas Gifts for my kids too.... I can say that I'm going to get it done early... but that just never

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cupcake/Cake Display

I enjoy making miniatures... but the photo taking... not so  So pictures of my kitchen, handmade pantry and display racks are long overdue.

Now... these vintagey wooden display pieces... I just made these yesterday, along with the cupcake/candy wrappers.... and boy do my fingers hurt from shaping them.  I think I made about 130 of them. Yes, I know that sounds crazy... but once I got going... I just couldn't stop... it was very therapeutic to make them over and over... and I figured if I get them out of the way now...I won't have to make them for awhile.

Anyhoo, the wrappers will be perfect for displaying chocolates, candy and yes... cupcakes too.
The Cucpake/Cake/Pie Display is very versatile and can sit on top of a round table or used separately on top of a larger table with other items.  I will have so many uses for it and I just think it's such an interesting and unique display piece.  
Ok, so it's back to making miniatures for me, I hope you enjoyed the pictures :o)