Monday, August 6, 2012

Tall Menu/Card Holders

I made some Tall Menu/Card Holders today and am very happy with how they turned out.
They look exactly like the real-life ones shown below at the Miette Bakery in CA.  
I've put them to good use on my 3 Tier Table Display... but cannot wait to make a 2 Tier Table like the one at Miette, stocked with cookies and all!  Their color pattern with the pale green, pink, and white with some floral wallpaper thrown in... is so pretty.

Photo below is of Miette Bakery in CA
 I love this photo!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Miniature Menu/Card Holders

I finally found some time to make these super cute, functional and much needed Menu/Card Holders to display along with my pastries.  They just add so much more realism to the displays, I absolutely just adore them.  
They are teeny tiny and the perfect size for 1/12th Scale Miniatures.  They are very sturdy made of silvertone metal and can even be painted in shabby white, pink and blue colors... which is right up my alley, but for this shop the silver is much more elegant.
They will also look wonderful in shop displays along with mini products too, not just pastries.
These were really fun for me to make, even creating the little cards was fun too, so teeny tiny, but very legible to the naked eyes.  Ok, I'll stop now...I'm just so excited to finally have made these :o)
Happy Sunday Everyone!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Making some New Minis

Hello Everyone, I've been super busy this Summer with the Kids and filling orders on Etsy.  
But I did find some time to make some new minis here and there... and so I decided to make a little shop out of this empty decorated storefront that I had sitting around for so long just waiting to be filled.
I couldn't decide between a  Patisserie or Shop for pretty shabby kitchenware... I tried each one and it just didn't look interesting enough for me... so why not incorporate both!  
I have seen many shops here in New York that do both.. for example there is ABC Carpet and Home... I so love that place, and I just love the mix of it all. 
This little shop will sit happily on my desk for now (or at least until my 10 month old starts to
so that I can enjoy all the things I love about making minis.
I hope you are all having a wonderful Summer and are also able to find some time for minis too :o)