Monday, December 10, 2012

Wishing you a SWEET Christmas!

I promised myself that I wouldn't go all christmas-y, but then I found these amazingly Lush Flocked Spruce Trees and just couldn't resist!  I made one for myself... and it just makes me sooo happy :o)

I made one in a 9" inch size and a smaller one in a 6" inch size, decorated with smaller sweets to suit its' size.

You know... I'm always late to decorate at x-mas time... I also buy last minute Christmas Gifts for my kids too.... I can say that I'm going to get it done early... but that just never

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cupcake/Cake Display

I enjoy making miniatures... but the photo taking... not so  So pictures of my kitchen, handmade pantry and display racks are long overdue.

Now... these vintagey wooden display pieces... I just made these yesterday, along with the cupcake/candy wrappers.... and boy do my fingers hurt from shaping them.  I think I made about 130 of them. Yes, I know that sounds crazy... but once I got going... I just couldn't stop... it was very therapeutic to make them over and over... and I figured if I get them out of the way now...I won't have to make them for awhile.

Anyhoo, the wrappers will be perfect for displaying chocolates, candy and yes... cupcakes too.
The Cucpake/Cake/Pie Display is very versatile and can sit on top of a round table or used separately on top of a larger table with other items.  I will have so many uses for it and I just think it's such an interesting and unique display piece.  
Ok, so it's back to making miniatures for me, I hope you enjoyed the pictures :o)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Still Filling my Kitchen Pantry

I'm still working on filling my kitchen pantry, fridge and freezer and have made these wonderful new items.
They are so teeny tiny and it's so tricky to get a clear picture of them... as they are so crisp and clear in person. 
I love that I have most of these brands in my real-life kitchen, it's so cute to see them this tiny.
They really do add just the right amount of "lived-in" color I was looking for in my mini kitchen.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Filling my Kitchen Pantry

I wanted to fill my miniature kitchen pantry and made these wonderful filled open boxes this week.
I just love how they add so much color and fun and instantly make the kitchen look "lived in".
They're just too cute to keep all to myself... so I made some extra ones for my etsy shop too.
Now I just need to make some fun things to put inside my fridge too and I'm all set ;o)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

1:6 Scale Baking Fun!

This week I had so much fun working on some larger 1:6 Scale Kitchen and Baking items.
I have been getting more and more requests for some of my dollhouse items in this larger scale and I really like working in this scale.
So here is what I made this week.  Some 1:6 Scale Baking Cookbooks, Recipe Box filled with Recipe Cards, Cookbook Stand, Cake Stand, a Kitchen Wooden Organizer with Cutlery and baking utensils, a pink quilted Oven Mitt, a set of Kitchen Canisters and a Vintage Pastry Blender.
I hope you find these just as sweet as I do... now your 1:6 Scale dolls can have some baking fun too!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Sparkling Sugars

Here is a New Rainbow to brighten up your day... this time it's Sparkling Sugars, also known as Sanding Sugar.
These will add some wonderful color to any mini kitchen.