Sunday, June 3, 2012

Another Wonderful Wooden Recipe Cookbook Stand

I feel like I should probably be outside enjoying the weather... but I have so many miniatures in my head that I want to make so I've pretty much stayed in all weekend brewing pot after pot of coffee and staying up late and waking up early in the morning just to finish them  sounds crazy right?  Well this is pretty much the norm for me once an idea strikes

So here is another wonderful Life-Size Rustic Wooden Recipe Book Stand above that I just couldn't resist replicating in 1/12th Scale Miniature Size.

Below are the pictures of my miniature version along with some other things I made too:

This rustic looking Recipe Box will go so great with these Recipe Book Stands.  I also made lots of different Recipe Cards to go inside.  I so love the look of the dark wood with the silver tones along side of it.


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