Tuesday, June 17, 2014

1:12 Scale Hamilton Beach Drink Mixer, Cherry Smash & Cone Dispenser

 Just wanted to show you my fun little weekend project.
I was asked to create a Commercial 3 spindle Hamilton Beach Drink Mixer in 1:12 Scale.
It was hand-scultped in polymer clay, glossed, with metal mixing spindles, realistic power cord, 3 Drink Mix Cups and Original 16 Page Recipes and User Guide that flips open to all printed pages.

...and this one below is the 1:6 Playscale Single Drink Mixer I recently created.


  1. Roxanne, your work never stops impressing me ... how can you be sooo incredible? lol
    Congrats on a great job, these mixers look like the real thing (and much better btw!)

    Hugs **
    Angelina (from El arte de Angelina)

    1. Hi Angelina,
      Thank you so much for your wonderful comment, You are just so sweet and I too love the miniatures you create :o) Hugs, Roxanne

  2. Un trabajo perfecto e impecable!!!!!!

  3. I really love that hamilton beach drink maker , it would be perfect for an ice cream shop :)