Tuesday, August 27, 2013

1:12 and 1:6 Scale Exremely Detailed Individual Pieces of Cereal

I spent quite a bit of time individually hand-sculpting these cereals... but it was so worth it to me... 
they look completely realistic and are sooooo itsy bitsy teeny tiny in size.

Each individual piece is hand sculpted from polymer clay, then shaded one by one with pastels and chalks to mimic the coated sugar look that these cereals have.  Some also have a satin finish applied for a subtle satiny look seen on cereals.

I think the biggest challenge in making these is getting each individual piece to be the same in shape and size, so that when shown all together in a bowl, they have a cohesive look that adds to their realism in miniature.  

Except for for the Raisin Bran... where each individual flake and raisin has to look different in shape and size to mimic the real life raisin bran cereal.

I hope you all enjoy the pictures, see you all again on my next mini project :o)

Shown Below in 1:6 Playscale Size


  1. Olá Roxanne, quanta coisa linda!
    Tudo parece muito com o tamanho real, parabéns pelo belo projeto.
    Um abraço, Fernanda.

  2. Roxanne, voltei para avisar que estou fazendo SORTEIO lá no meu blog, convido você para participar.
    Abraço, Fernanda

  3. Wow ! Incredible ! They look so real. I can't believe they're so small.
    You did an amazing and great work Roxanne.

  4. Great work! Your pictures are wonderful! xo Jennifer

  5. Impressive! The cereal is really amazing, and very realistic!
    Well done!

  6. Thank you all so much for taking a peek and for your wonderful comments. It's so nice to get feedback on what I create. Big Hugs, Roxanne

  7. Fantástico, se ve todo super real , enhorabuena:-)

  8. So realistic!! I love it, congratulations!

  9. Oh wow! These are gorgeous! And they make me hungry. Amazing work!