Monday, February 4, 2013

1:6 Playscale Vintage Red Mixer & Espresso Machine

I just finished customizing another 1:6 Playscale Size Vintage Red Mixer and a European Style Espresso Machine.
With this mixer, I first separated the Bowl from the mixer, this way I can also showcase the wonderful little paddle.  I spray painted the bowl a metallic Silver, drilled a hole in the back to install the handmade cord and plug, and adjusted the top part so that it moves up and down.
The cord & plug I made from an old cell phone charger... I'm so luck hubby save all of them, they make wonderful cords for both playscale and Miniature appliances.
I also made a darling 1:6 Playscale Recipe Card Booklet along with this set :o)
Hope you like the new Mixer, I am going to list it in my Etsy shop later today along with the other items I made.  Until next time :o)


  1. Son unas máquinas preciosas. Perfectas para la cocina.

    1. Gracias Virginia, encantada que te gustan tanto :o) Roxanne

  2. Me gusta mucho el recetario ... deliciosos los dibujos. Impresionsnte la perfección de la Mixer. mariajo