Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Shabby Placemats & Paper Plates

I've been keeping quite busy making these Shabby Kitchen Placemats.  I really love how these look in a mini kitchen, on a table, or all stacked up.  I even handmade some shabby paper party plates too, that I handcut and shaped by hand.
I've had all of these prints stored away for so long now and just couldn't decide what to create with them... so I am having alot of fun downsizing, printing, cutting, and then laminiating them into these pretty Placemats.
I'm thinking of also making some a little larger and framing them as shabby pictures and also into little keepsake or Bakery Boxes to store your sweets in or display in your Bakery/Patisserie.
I hope you all like them too and that I'm not the only one going totally crazy for


  1. You are definitely not alone in your love for these! I ♥♥♥ all of the placemats you've done. Your signs and books are so adorable. I love it ALL!!!!!!! =)

  2. Lataina, you are so sweet :o) Thank you so much for letting me know you love em' too!

  3. They are really lovely - too pretty to stack up and cover up the ones below. :)

  4. You have done it again!!! Oh everything is so wonderful.....What a happy scene these make, I love the banners, I have to go get me all to make a wonderful BD scene!


  5. oh my god...but you are a museeeeeeeee

    what a wonderful scene...and the little shabby....
    may I ask you where do you find the cupcake image and all vintage image??