Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's been awhile!

Wow it's really been over a month now that I haven't posted anything at all...I have been sooooo sick with morning sickness (we are expecting our second child later this year) and a terrible flu this past week too... that I just didn't...ummm...couldn't do anything at all these days...but it's time to get out of this funk... and get back into things....These sweet little moulselings I sculpted last night really perked me up and made me smile...I love little mouselings...can you tell?... :o)


  1. Dear Roxanne, I hope you are feeling better. Your dolls are wonderful.
    Hugs, Marisa

  2. They are really lovely!!!
    feel like kissing!!
    (me los comerĂ­a a besos)
    Te deseo muy buena salud!!!!

  3. Pero que preciosidad!!!
    Son tal dulces....estan para comerselos......que bonitos
    besitos ascension