Thursday, June 21, 2018

A few favorite Miniatures I've made this year.

Since I have been updating my Instagram account more frequently with any new miniatures I've made, I've neglected my poor blog.  But, I will try my best to continue to post favorites throughout the year on my blog as often as I can.  Instagram Account: BakingInMiniature

1:6 Scale Miniature Dolly Bedroom: Shabby Chic Bed, Crochet Blanket, Pillow Dolls and Hand-dyed Dresses on the left... all handmade by me.

Bunny Pinata, Easter Baskets, Easter Candy & Dolls Customized by me.

Handmade Dolly Shelf with fabric wallpaper, scalloped Trimming and decorative Feet.  I had so much fun filling up this shelf with 1:6 Scale Dolly toys.  I kept this one in my personal collection, but I will be making another one for the shop very soon :o) 

Tiny Pacifiers for your wee little ones or a Dolly that just won't outgrow the habit ;o) 
Presented on Vintage Cards for added charm.

These Vintage-Style Kitchy Kitty-Hangers for your Dolly Clothes... are so adorable.
Vintage Style Hangers, Babydoll Dress, Rosebud Pillow, Crochet Pillow, Dolly Bed with Tufted Headboard & Mattress made by me. 

I hope you enjoyed this roundup of a few of my favorites this year.  They bring so much joy to create and setting up these little dolly scenes are so much fun.  Great Big Dolly Hugs and I can't wait to work on some more fun Miniatures over the Summer.  I hope everyone has an Amazing Summer!  I plan on squeezing in as much Beach-time and Backyard Barbecues with the kids as I possibly can.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

A long Overdue Post and some new Miniatures

I can't believe how much time has passed since my last post... so I wanted to share a few new Miniature I've created for this upcoming Valentine's Day.  I hope you enjoy them :o)

There are some newly created 1:6 Scale Miniature "Fancy Valentine's Day Chocolate Boxes" and a lovely "Artist Showcase" section in next month's February 2017 American Miniaturist Magazine, I get so excited whenever asked to submit something for their Magazine, it is such an honor and they are so wonderful to work with. Here is a link to their website for anyone interested in picking up a copy of one of their magazines or even a digital subscription:
A 1:6 Scale Bakery Display showcasing some of my handmade Mendl's Patisserie Boxes, alongside a Blythe Doll I've recently customized... and she is sporting a pair of my new "Ice Cream Sundae" Shoes.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Bookcase Filled with 1:6 Scale Cookbooks

I found some time to fill an entire Bookcase with some of my favorite 1:6 Playscale Miniature Cookbooks.  It's so nice to see them all together like this.

They make such wonderful props when taking photos of any miniatures I am currently working on.  I especially love the Vintage ones from the 50's.

I also made a new set of Cath K. Mugs and Saucers.  

Hope you enjoy taking a peek at my beloved mini kitchen :o)

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Mother's Day Tea Party

Shown are some pictures taken for the Mother's Day Feature for the American Miniaturist Magazine May 2016 ISSUE #157.  I really enjoyed creating this entire scene specifically for this issue.

My favorite part was making all of the teeny tiny Poloroid pictures and photos which show sweet images of a Mother and their Child.  They are so very touching.  

Initially I couldn't decide upon Tea or Coffee for the table scene, but in the end opted for the tea.  I did however show a picture at the very end with the coffee, I just adore the milk foam heart in the center.
I hope you enjoy the pictures :o)

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Miniature Chocolate Roses in Vintage Candy Boxes

These are a few more 1:6 Playscale Miniature Chocolate Boxes that I worked on over the weekend.
Hope you like them :o)